Almost everyone needs some web space for hist website. Either it is just a personal page, a blog or Imageeven a high profile eCommerce website, the basic requirements are the same. A strong server, large quantities of bandwidth and stellar support. The last features is for all those that still feel newbies 🙂

This is where Hostgator comes in. When I employed its services what was made my a nice first impression is the way that they treat their new customers. I felt a very warm welcome. Their support is personalized and can be reached 24/365. Their plans offers basic characteristics that you can find almost everywhere but what distincts them from the rest is their incedible friendly support.

To help more friends that are in a confusion in which web hosting services to rely on, I can suggest Hostgator. My suggestion comes from personal experience of hosting a demanding website for more than 10 months with them. Whenever I needed something that was even relating to my CMS (I am using WordPress), I found out that a friendly fellow was always there to assist me. This article doesn’t have the ambition to act as a full featured review, but intents to work only as a place that I am writing my own experience with Hostgator.

Now some facts about the company,
Right now it is one of the largest web hosting service providers of the planet. It hosts from personal to governmental websites. Its plans start from a couple of dullards and are targeting all kind of web developers. This humble blog will give you over time Hostgator coupons, discounts and promo codes in order to five you the possibility to try their services for a substantial lower fee.

Also I would like to post some thoughts about selecting web hosting services. In presale questions, all providers show their best image. They are kind, helpful and show patience in all of our issues. Their after sales image is a lot different in most cases. They don’t reply in time, they answers are vague and most of them redirect you to script/cms/platform vendor. This isn’t the case with Hostgator. I have spent many hours in troubleshooting with their tech team issues that belong solely to a dedicated WordPress support group. But they were there, willing and determined to help! This is very important to me and for every webmaster. Unfortunately you no one realize this, until the time comes that the need for support becomes fundamental.

Now, with our coupons how much you will save? We have discount codes that allow you to host your website with Hostgator for only 1 cent (during the 1st month) and coupons with very generous discounts (from 25% up to 50%).  Just copy the codes that are available here and paste them at the corresponding field in the Hostgator checkout page.

Happy to serve you!